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08-04-2019 - Birmingham clean air charge 'to net £43m in first year'

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07-04-2019 - ABD ULEZ reaction

ULEZ - A Tax To Fill The Mayor's TfL Budget Black Hole

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place from the 8th April in the central London zone. Non-compliant car owners will have to pay £12.50 per day in addition to the Congestion Charge (a.k.a. Tax) of £11.50. Penalties for not paying are severe. Vans and HGV vehicle drivers will pay even more and even owners of older motorcycles have to pay even though their emissions are very low.

There are numerous anomalies in this tax which will particularly affect those who drive older cars who are typically the poorer members of the community. Those who drive very expensive modern supercars or luxury vehicles with large engines will not be paying even though the emissions from them are high.

Those who bought diesel vehicles only a few years ago, encouraged by the Government because of their lower CO2 emissions, will now find they are paying this tax or will have to buy a new vehicle.

In reality the ULEZ is a tax designed to bolster the Mayor of London's income to fix his mismanagement of the Transport for London budget. The tax could take over £1 billion per year out of the London economy and yet it is unlikely to significantly improve the air quality in London.

Mayor Sadiq Khan claims there is a public health crisis from air pollution in London so as to justify these new taxes but that is simply not true. He is even using ill-informed children to promote his claims.

In 2021 this tax will be extended to everywhere within the North/South Circular which will affect millions of car owners in London. The Alliance of British Drivers has been opposing the ULEZ scheme since it was announced. But the public is only now waking up to the ULEZ and other aspects of the Mayor's Transport Strategy. The ABD has opposed similar schemes in Birmingham, Bath and elsewhere. Some have already been reconsidered due to local opposition, but the Mayor of London is not listening.

ABD Campaign Director Roger Lawson had this to say: "The Mayor is dressing up this new tax as a way to improve our health when it will not. It's blatant misleading of the public by a Mayor good at rhetoric but bad at actually managing the capital's finances. The Mayor has manufactured a false emergency so he can say that he is taking urgent and bold action to "save" people from it.


1. To check whether your vehicle is compliant go here: https://tinyurl.com/ya4usuqr

2. For more information see this page of the ABD's web site covering our campaign against the Mayor's Transport Strategy and the ULEZ, the financial facts and spurious environmental claims: https://www.freedomfordrivers.org/environment.htm

18-03-2019 - ABD Condemns BCC plans to demolish Perry Barr flyover

Not content with introducing a chargeing zone in Birmingham city centre, Birmingham City Council have anounced seperate plans to demolish the A34 Perry Barr flyover as part of its redevelopment plans, which include bringing the commonwealth games to Birmingham.

The flyover which provides smooth traffic flow will be replaced by traffic lights, a recipe for more congestion!

The mayor seems intent on forcing drivers out of the city centre in favour of public transport, cycling, and walking. (so back to the stone age then!)

13-03-2019 - ABD Condemns government for funding Birmingham so called clean air zone

The ABD condemns government for backing Birmingham city councils plans to charge drivers to enter the city centre.

The goverment has provided £38million out of the £50million requested plus £14.2million for implementation.

All this is tax payers money which could have been better spent on road engineering and upgrade measures to relieve congestion. the scheme is riddled with exemptions which will be costly to administer.

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