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Birmingham Clean Air Zone (ABCAZ)

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We are fighting to STOP Birmingham City Council Charging drivers of older vehicles entering the city centre
(all roads inside the middle ring road, A4540)

Birmingham City Council want to dictate how you travel

Why should you pay more to drive inside the middle ring road in Birmingham?

The elderly, disabled, young families, traders and commuters should not be forced onto public transport or have to find hard earned cash to upgrade their vehicles, something which most cannot afford.

This is proof that Birmingham city council is now very anti-car, Can we remind councillors this city was built on the car industry, and if it were not for the car industry then they would probably NOT be here.

Some people allege that air pollution is a major health issue. For example, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Twitter in 2017: “Air pollution is the public health crisis of our generation”. (the smogs of the 50’s and 60’s were far worse) In reality people are living longer and there have been no deaths directly attributable to air pollution (based on coroners reports or death certificates).

There is no public health crisis!
Please read:- The truth about air quality and vehicles.


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